Grandpa Jones' Wisdom

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I can remember back to the time when my Father and Mother took us boys to live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. My Dad use to drink a lot. When he got drunk and came home, my parents would argue. I can only remember that it scared me and I didn't like it. So one time my older brother and I decided to get rid of all the cans of beer in our refrigerator. They left and went into town. We started opening the cans and empting them in the kitchen sink. During this process, we took a sip of the beer, it was absolutely the worst tasting beverage I had ever tasted. However, after sipping a little from 16 cans, my body started to feel numb and we started to laugh and being crazy. Guess who came home, yes, my mother and father. You guessed it, my dad yelled at us and swatted us and sent us to our bedroom. It had a lasting impression on me, I have never had a desire to drink, I was so sick, I have never understood why my dad would continue to drink that stuff............

Monday, November 27, 2006

OOP's OOP's Approximately 30 years ago, My wife and I took our children to a park. We are very protective parents, so we found ourselves saying repeatively, "Be careful, don't go there, don't do that, stop". I listened to myself and thought I am going to have children that won't dare do anything, so I had made up my mind to let them be a little more adventureous. We had no sooner got to the park, and my oldest child climbed up on some bars and asked "Dad can I jump off?" Here was my first test to see if I was really going to let them dare something risky. I said for him to go ahead. The drop couldn't have been more than 6 feet. My son let go and jumped and landed on his hands and knees, needless to say, he broke one arm and sprained his wrist on the other hand. I swore and swore and said to myself, I shouldn't have let him do it. However looking back on that experience, I am glad that I did, and I believe we should not hesitate to let our children explore and discover. I believe we should eliminate life threatening things but after that they need to have those experiences.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I am awake, no one else in the home is stirring, and I have time to reflect on what things I have to be thankful for. My wife, my children, my grandchildren are all asleep, for them I am eternally grateful. We live on a dead end street, for that I am grateful. I am grateful that I can express my thoughts in this blog, and as of yet no one has censored me. I am thankful for the right I have to vote, though it didn't end up the way I wanted, I am thankful for that priviledge. Sometimes I don't like other peoples opinions, but I appreciate their right to express it. Having said this and so many other things that I am thankful for, I often wonder how committed am I to fight and defend the right to maintain these freedoms. I am reminded of a person that gave his life so that I could come to earth and enjoy the ultimate freedom, that of making correct decisions. Many times we concentrate on the War in Iraq, we get into arguments as to the weapons of mass destructions, and yet in life we are losing the war against indecency, drugs, pornography, illicit sex. We get so upset over losing 2,000 lives in Iraq, yet every day we lose so many more lives to violence in our own cities, I am tired of the bias in newspapers, tv's, I try to understand and recognize this bias before I make a decision, it is so hard to do, but the thing that is not hard to do, is to make moral judgements in my own life, teach correct principles, live by them, and by so doing my little world will be a better place. May you do likewise.......

Saturday, November 18, 2006

It is so easy to see the faults in others than to try and see the fault that I have. I am reminded of the example in the Scriptures that say something to the effect, You have a sliver in your eye, why don't I help take it out. Meanwhile we ignore the beam in our own eye. Applying that example in our own life, I, all the time, try to show my children how to take that sliver out of their eyes by correcting them, teasing them, and I get real defensive when they comment on the big beam that I have in my own eye. I am trying to remove the beam in my eyes, I am looking at the flaws that I have developed in my life over the years and I am trying to correct them. It is hard to do. The hardest thing is to admit that you may have been wrong all those years.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Will Rogers said, "If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." This is a very simple truth. How many times have you found yourself in a difficult position, and in your effort to try and get out of it you got yourself in deeper and deeper. How many times have you gotten stuck in the mud, and you gunned your car back and forth, and eventually buried your car up to the axle. Sometimes it is better to stop and assess the problem and find an alternate solution to get out, or get some help, or let it dry out. But many of us lie, deceive others, fake it and we just get in a worse situation.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Here is a time tested "fairness" principle that may be very useful to Parents and Grandparents. If you are faced with this dilemna try it. If you have two children, and only enough desert for them to have another piece. Have one cut the desert, and then give the other one the right to choose his/her piece first. It is amazing how fair the first one will cut the sizes into equal parts. Try it...........

Monday, November 13, 2006

Growing old is a new experience. Dah. I am having difficulty trying to figure out what happened to all those years between 1990 to 2006. I have noticed that my body has changed from the form of Adonis, to the captain on Gilligan's Island. I went to a college game on Saturday and watched those finely tuned athletes compete, and secretly visualizing that I could be there running and twisting. Later that evening, I couldn't even chase down my 2 year old grandson. My wife and I watch "The biggest Loser" on TV. I fantasize that I could do that, and then I look down and I am eating cashews, potato chips, a soda and have been laying on the couch watching my 3rd ball game. However, I am enjoying so many things, and I see my children running from this program to that program, changing diapers, going to work and I sit back and watch the 69th rerun of the price is right. Got to go ESPN comes on in 5 minutes..............